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SCHOOL ID 409724

est 2008

The solid foundation your child deserves.

CLASS SIZE 8-10 kids
with 2 teachers and 1 teacher-aide

With a commitment to empowering children and maximizing their abilities, PLICA Learning Center follows the DAP (developmentally appropriate practices) guidelines established by the NAEYC,

carefully adapted to suit the developmental needs of the Filipino child.

PLICA teachers adapt an inquiry stance as the method for teaching; building a culture of inquiry wherein observing, hypothesizing , experimenting, discovering and exploring transform the atmosphere inside the classroom.

An environment that is safe and accepting of every child's unique capabilities, the PLICA classroom provides a conducive environment for cultivating skills and abilities to realize a child's full potential. 


Preschool Classes

Vertical Group

Between Ages 2 to 4

P3 Nursery 1 Class

Age 3 by August

P4 Nursery 2 Class

Age 4 by August

Kinder Class

Age 5 by August

Learning Programs Age 3 to 12

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