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FREE Learning Materials for Your Preschooler

I'm sure you are wondering about these things:

"How will the 'new normal' for education work for my preschooler?"

"Digital tools? He can watch educational videos in Youtube but that can hardly be called interactive."

"There are several apps we can use but is this enough?"

With the digital tools in the PLICA PRESCHOOL Distance Learning Program, powered by PLICAplus, we can help make technology work for you and not against you. The interface is not only child-friendly but also self-correcting to ensure the development of your child's skills.

We call each digital material a learning deck and each deck targets specific skills based on the age of your child. These decks are also recorded by our teachers in real time based on speed and accuracy. With this, we can easily adapt to help your child either practice a bit more or move on to the next level of exercises. Talk about developmentally appropriate, right?

Try it for yourself. You can use the learning decks below as many times as you like!

Click on the links and see how your child responds. Don't forget to use a touch-screen device when you launch the links in Safari or Chrome.


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